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About Us

We are a Sydney, Australia-based distributor of innovative and exciting outdoor products across the Asia Pacific region.

Founded in 2014, we quickly established ourselves as Australia's leading electric water sports distributor, being sought out by our international suppliers on a regular basis to bring their products to the Asia Pacific region.

We help businesses across the region get up and running with our products fast. We set the barrier to entry very low - all you really need to do is convince us that you have a plan to help your customers with our products.

We don't require you to buy any product to get started. We strongly recommend it, as it allows you to get to know the product well and to represent it convincingly to your customers. And we incentivise it with great 'getting started' discounts.

We even allow you to start offering our products without any shop presence, online or offline. If you'd just like to send referrals to one of our dealers, from people you know who want or need what we have to offer, that's fine!

And we provide everything you need to get started - comprehensive information about our products, marketing materials, manuals, photos, videos, product listings to import into your Online Store, the latest product pricing spreadsheets, and discount codes for our Online Store to allow you to purchase directly and easily and have the products sent to you or straight to your customers.

Check out our Become A Dealer page to learn more.


Grahame Ewins

Grahame Ewins

Director, APAC Distribution




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