The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first electric jet-propelled body board, able to launch a rider at 30kph across the water!

The Kymera is the easiest of all our jet boards to ride – as long as you’re tall enough to reach the trigger (about 150cm tall), just pull the trigger and away you go!

Steering is just a matter of using your legs as rudders and shifting your lower body weight to make some amazing turns!

It’s difficult to fall off, making it ideal for riders who are not confident on standup boards, or in the water generally.

With a tough roto-moulded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body, robust engineering and stainless steel and anodised aluminium parts, the Kymera is tough enough to withstand years of fun and action.

And at only 2.1m long and 21kg weight (plus 11kg battery), it’s easy to store, transport, carry and launch at your nearest lake, river or beach.

All Kymera packages include everything you need to be up and running fast – battery in hard carry case, charger, maintenance kit and loads of fun!


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Sporty and stylish



Kymeras are in stock on the Gold Coast RIGHT NOW!


Price comparison to USA RRP

People are asking “Why is it so much more expensive to buy from you than it is to buy from the USA?”

But that’s not really the case.

Firstly, prices in the US are in US dollars, which is currently around $1.40 Australian Dollars.  That is, US$3995 is actually over A$5500 for a start.

Then, you have to take into account the cost of shipping from the USA (well over $1000 if you shipped it yourself), 10% GST, 5% duty, extras which we include (like a fast 90 minute charger), local warranty and support, we’re offering Kymeras at a price below what it would cost you to import it yourself, if you could, without any of the hassle!

And believe me – there’s hassle!  Ask any importer!

Also please note that Kymera USA won’t export direct to customers, and in most cases can’t supply direct to local consumers due to stock being pre-allocated to distributors (like our distribution business) and rental partners.  You have to be pretty lucky to be able to buy a Kymera retail in the USA!

So do yourself a favour, and get a board from a local business you can trust – like us!  We’ve been in the electric water sports business since 2014, which is early days for this industry, and we have been carrying, using, selling and supporting Kymeras longer than anyone else on the planet except Kymera USA themselves!


Price comparison to a jet ski

With the recent introduction of low-priced personal watercrafts, people are asking “Why don’t I just buy a jet ski?  It’s the same price!”

But Kymeras and jet skis are not the same thing at all.  Miniaturisation, convenience, launch anywhere, let anyone ride (most states), low weight, small size, easy transport, easy storage, clean fuel, zero emission, easy maintenance and low noise come at a price.

It takes just one minute to stow a Kymera and battery in the back of the car and get on the road to the beach, without having to launch at a crowded boat ramp.

But, to respond to the question, the Kymera is not more expensive than even the cheapest personal watercraft!

1. a new personal watercraft, even cheap personal watercraft, on a trailer costs well in excess of the price of a Kymera

2. a Kymera comes with a lifetime of fuel for most owners!  The only fuel costs are the cost of recharging a battery, which in most places is well under $1 per charge

3. Kymeras don’t require registration in many places and don’t have a trailer to register too

4.  riders don’t need to have licenses in many places, and where they do, it may not be a PWC license, and may not be subject to minimum age restrictions of 16 years old

We don’t hate personal watercraft like jet skis.  We’re just saying that Kymeras are a very different watercraft, and we want to ensure that people are comparing apples to apples when making purchasing decisions and considering “whole of life” costs.



This package includes all the essentials to get you out on the water having great fun time and time again!

  • 3.9kW Kymera Body Board*
  • Your colour choice of red, yellow, pink, green, orange or white (availability of some colours will vary)
  • Water resistant lithium battery
  • Pelican-style battery hard carry case
  • Fast battery charger
  • Removable shoulder carry strap
  • Wavez Kymera maintenance kit including mini grease gun with flexible tube, extra long quick release coupler and marine grease
  • Wavez Kymera Cleaning Kit including hose flush adapter and hose connector
  • Wavez Kymera User’s manual (digital copy)


Available in six vibrant colours … what colour suits you?

The colour you want is out of stock? Please let us know! Maybe we can work some magic … 🙂



Model Kymera Body Board
Power Output 3.9kW / 5.2HP
Top Speed Up to 30kph (depending on rider weight)
Max Run Time Up to 30 mins@top speed + 5 mins@5kph (reserve mode) (depending on rider weight)
Max Rider Weight 100kg
Min Rider Height 150cm
Power Source Fast-swap removable water resistant 30Ah lithium battery
Recharge Time 1.5 hours from empty to full charge with included 20A mains charger
Dimensions 207cm L x 82cm W x 30cm H
Board Weight 21kg (board) + 11kg (battery)
Colours Red, yellow, pink, green, Orange and white. If the colour you want is out of stock, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do 🙂
Materials High-density polyethylene (HDPE) hull, anodized aluminium chassis, stainless steel drive shaft, stainless steel and aluminium fittings, injection moulded jet assembly
Safety Trigger variable throttle, ‘return to shore’ reserve power mode, battery management system, speed controller shutoff, battery indicator inside hatch
Warranty One year parts and labour at a local Wavez-Approved service centre in your Australian state or territory
Standard Inclusions Board, battery, tough battery carry case, battery charger, board carry strap, flush adapter, Wavez maintenance kit, owner’s manuals
Operator’s License Requirements NOT required in NT, QLD & WA. Required in NSW, SA, TAS & VIC.
Vessel Registration Requirements NOT required in NSW, NT & QLD. Required in SA, TAS, VIC & WA.
IMPORTANT: The licensing and registration requirements are GUIDANCE ONLY. Always verify for yourself as rules change frequently and this information may already be out of date! We do our best to keep up with changes, but we don’t make the rules. Since every state and country handles registration and licensing differently, we provide equipment unregistered and do not facilitate operator licensing. If you require a HIN (hull identification number) certificate, please let us know and we will send one to you free of charge.



Please use your Kymera in accordance with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations, which may include registration and licensing.

Please ensure that you follow the simple use and maintenance instructions in the Kymera User’s manual. Failure to properly maintain your equipment may result in damage and void your warranty.


Shipping to your country

Kymera Body Boards may only be shipped to approved countries.  Wavez is authorised to ship to customers in Australia, Fiji, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as the islands and island nations which are governed or jointly-governed by them.  If you would like your own Kymera, we can send to you in any of these countries.

If you are interested in securing a minimum of 4 Kymera Body Boards in an Asia-Pacific country not listed above, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can serve you.


Rental Opportunities

Great idea!  Whether you’re looking to convert your current range of watercraft to electric, add new electric watercraft to your range, or start up a brand new exclusive rental business in your area, we can provide a fantastic license model to help get you up and running fast!



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